Just think! A special gift basket for:
A Friend, A Client, Your Boss, An Employee, Mom or Dad, etc.....

Or for special occassions such as: A Birthday, An Anniversary, A Graduation, A Promotion, A new Home, etc...

Our luscious, beautiful gift baskets are sure to please anyone!

Some of the items that we can include in our gift baskets are:

  • A box of Louise's Belgian Chocolates
  • Gourmet jams and cookies
  • Fabulous Belgian chocolate bars
  • Gourmet assorted nuts
  • Côte d'Or Chocotoff
  • Australian Black Licorice
  • Teddybear or other stuffed toy
  • Mug
  • Specialty coffees & teas
  • Gourmet crackers and cheese
  • Jelly Bellies
  • Fudge
  • Mints
  • Specialty chocolate spoons
  • Baby rattles
  • Your corporate promotional item


Price $35.00 - Small
Basket contains:
Box of four Belgian Chocolates
Box of Swiss Bahlsen cookies
Australian black licorice
Gourmet Jelly Bellies
Three Côte d'Or Chocotoffs
Two Milséan Demerara butter crunch
Three Belgian Chocolate wafers
Price $50.00 - Medium
Basket contains:
Box of nine Belgian Chocolates
Box of Swiss Bahlsen Cookies
Two packages of gourmet coffee
Chocolate covered mountain berries
Gourmet Jelly Bellies
Cachet Belgian Chocolate bar
Old fashion Peanut Brittle
Three Côte d'Or Chocotoffs
Bar of gourmet Nougat
Three Belgian Chocolate wafers
Price $100.00 - Large
Basket contains:
Balotin Box with 12 Belgian Chocolates
Box of Swiss Bahlsen Cookies
Tin of Valrhona Chocolate pearls
Six Belgian Chocolate wafers
Milséan Butter Crunch
Cashew clusters in Belgian Chocolate
Box of six gourmet Belgian fruit jellies
Two pouches of hot gourmet chocolate mix
Three Côte d'Or Chocotoffs
One Sarotti Chocolate bar
Two Belgian Chocolate coffee spoons
Two packages of gourmet coffee
Dipping pretzels and Gourmet mustard
Apple cider (non alcoholic)
Old fashion peanut brittle
Award winning Irish caramel sauce

Note: Substitutions may be required based on availability of the product.Gift baskets of any size, whether smaller or larger, are also available.

We guarantee the freshness of our product.
Delivery service is available within Canada.
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