Solid Belgian chocolate roses
Dark Belgian chocolate cat
on milk chocolate pillow
Milk, Dark and White Chocolate
$ 5.25 ea.
Red Velour Heart Box
(3 sizes)

12 pieces $ 28.95
23 pieces $ 50.00
33 pieces $ 68.50
Milk or Dark chocolate heart box
Dark chocolate box with lace top
6 chocolates $ 20.00
6 chocolates $ 20.00
9 chocolates $31.00

9 chocolates $31.00


Note: Applicable taxes are extra. Delivery is available on the velour heart boxes. For other chocolate heart boxes, please visit our store

The description below will help you select your preferred chocolates. If you prefer that we fill your box with a random selection of delicious chocolates, choose random on the order form after you have selected your box! When ready to complete your order please proceed to our order form.

Amaretto: A rich Belgian chocolate with a hint of amaretto liqueur and covered in almond flakes.

Beurre: A rich Belgian chocolate covered in cocoa powder.

Champagne: A rich Belgian chocolate with champagne and covered in cocoa powder.

Cognac: A rich Belgian chocolate flavored with real cognac and covered in powdered sugar.

Cointreau: A rich Belgian chocolate with a hint of Cointreau liqueur and covered in white chocolate shavings.

Don Juan: A creamy luscious coffee truffle covered in dark chocolate.

Chocolat: A delightful white chocolate filled with a layer of dark and a layer of milk chocolat fresh cream.

Café: A coffee tasting buttery fresh cream filling with a layer of chocolate, covered with white chocolate and garnished with a coffee flavored dark chocolate bean.

Dame Blanche: A buttery fresh vanilla cream with a layer of chocolate, covered in dark chocolate.

Crême Fraîche: A buttery fresh cream with a layer of chocolate, covered in white chocolate. This beauty has a delightful vanilla and chocolate taste.

Manon Coco: A light and creamy coconut fresh cream, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut shavings.

Cerisette: A whole kirsch soaked cherry with a liquid kirsch filling covered in dark chocolate.

Ananas Curaçao: A luscious piece of pineapple soaking in a curacao cream filling.

Cornet Or: A smooth creamy coffee gianduja swirl wrapped in gold foil.

Diablotin: A delicious caramel ganache with a hint of cognac, topped with a dab of
22 k gold leaf.

Figaro: A dark chocolate cream center lightly flavoured with real rum.

Regina: Hazelnut praline filling enhanced with chopped hazelnuts.

Narcisse Fondant: A tangy raspberry cream filling lightly flavoured with real kirsch.

Marquise Fondant: An orange cream filling enhanced witha little grand marnier and a hint of orange rind.

Orangettes: Candied orange rind covered in dark chocolate.

Grand Marnier: A light creamy filling deliciously flavoured with grand marnier liqueur.

Ginger: Candied Australian ginger covered in dark Belgian chocolate.

Helvetia: Hazelnut praline and nougatine in dark chocolate and rolled in milk chocolate flakes.

Brazilia: Milk chocolate coffee flavoured ganache garnished with a coffee flavored dark chocolate bean.

Coeur lait: A smooth creamy hazelnut praline filling.

Marron: A milk chocolate ganache with pureed chestnut and maraschino.

: Milk chocolate ganache lightly flavoured with cointreau, lightly dusted with white snow sugar.

Andalouse: A milk chocolate ganache flavoured with cognac and topped with hazelnut crisp.

Javanaise: A praline and coffee flavoured filling.

Corbeille Lait: Milk chocolate gianduja in a milk chocolate basket, finished with a gold thread handle.

Clementine: A smooth creamy hazelnut cream filling.

Cointreau Lait: A luscious caramel cream filling flavoured with cointreau.

Bateau: A tangy lemon cream filling covered in rich milk chocolate.

Fruits de Mer: Milk chocolate gianduja in milk, dark and white chocolate shells.

Argenteuil: A hazelnut cream center covered in milk chocolate, decorated with a dark chocolate flower.

Alambra: A creamy hazelnut filling with chopped hazelnut, covered in milk chocolate.

Jellies: An assortment of nine fruit jellies: pear, plum, green apple, apricot, mandarin orange, strawberry, raspberry, grape and grapefruit with pineapple.

Millenaire: A white chocolate coating with a dark chocolate ganache with a very light hint of hazelnut praline enhanced with cointreau.

Chantilly: A coffee flavoured dark chocolate ganache, topped with a walnut half.

Exquise: A delightful combination of a layer of liquid caramel and a layer of hazelnut praline, housed in a white chocolate basket.

: A light rasberry fresh cream covered in white chocolate.

Amboise: A hazelnut cream filling with pieces of chopped hazelnut.

Iris: A creamy pistachio honey and buttery filling covered in white chocolate, topped with chopped pistachio nuts.

Degas Truffle: A white chocolate truffle covered in white chocolate.

Alicante: Marzipan with Kirsch and candied fruit, covered in dark chocolate.

Farandole: A marzipan cream filling enhanced with Kirsh, covered in milk chocolate.

Fraise: Delicious marzipan shaped as a strawberry.

We have an assortment of sugar free Belgian Chocolates and Truffles. Our product is sweetened with Maltitol.


NOTE: Praline is pureed hazelnut and chocolate cream
Truffle is a buttery chocolate cream
Manon is fresh cream and butter
Ganache is chocolate with butter and fresh cream

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